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(Managed) Cloud Everywhere

Published on 05/09/2019 by Jim Fitzgerald
Category: Healthcare IT, Cloud Computing

I can see my close associates and friends’ eyes rolling now. “There you go again.” I’ve hardly hidden my fervor for cloud in all its incarnations, architectures, and applications over lo these many years. It’s not because the technology deserves deification – it most certainly does not. It’s because in a career of 30+ years trying to help hospitals get the IT platform right, one enduring conclusion is that the IT platform as it ...

The IT Service Management Series - Part 2: Information Security Management – Beyond Compliance

Published on 03/18/2019 by Travis Campbell
Category: Compliance, Healthcare IT, Security, ITSM

   When asked, some healthcare IT companies may describe compliance season as stressful. Others might say the word “stressful” is polite. The entire activity takes us out of our comfort zone. It calls for opening your playbook to outside entities, calibrating your business to one or more third party standards, and dedicating a tremendous number of working hours. Worse yet, success rarely yields more business, but rather the ability to keep business as usual.Compliance can ...

Location, Location, Location? Yes!

Published on 12/04/2018 by Jim Fitzgerald
Category: Cloud Computing

As in the physical world, Location is also a really big deal in the Information Technology MultiVerse. As the migration of IT services to cloud milieus proceeds apace, I’d like to think about the question, “where is your IT platform?” As an unrepentant cloud evangelist, you probably expect me to push either a particular managed private cloud solution, or some public cloud solution, or an on-premise private cloud solution, but no, the answer I had in ...

The IT Service Management Series - Part 1: Knowledge Management – Recognizing your most valuable free asset

Published on 11/20/2018 by Travis Campbell
Category: Blog, Healthcare IT, ITSM

Taking stock of your knowledge isn’t always a proactive exercise, it may occur after the sudden loss of a key employee or a steady decline in business know-how. Few corporate assets are more complex or difficult to maintain than internal knowledge. At CloudWave, we employ some of the best technical and business minds in healthcare IT, but we are not immune to aging processes, changing environments or departing employees. More than half of today’s IT companies invest ...

Listen and Learn – A Marketer’s Point of View

Published on 10/23/2018 by Christine Mellyn
Category: Blog, Healthcare IT, MEDITECH

The day prior to MEDITECH’s Physician & CIO Forum was a good day.  In Marketing, most of my time is spent behind the scenes, laying the groundwork and creating the tools needed to promote our capabilities to customers.  On Tuesday, I had the pleasure of spending the day with our Cloud Customer Council, a select group of CIOs who agreed to share their knowledge and experiences with CloudWave.  This was my chance to listen firsthand ...

Why Are We In Healthcare; Raison D’être, not D’état

Published on 10/09/2018 by Jacob Wheeler
Category: Healthcare IT, Blog

I never thought I’d have to give an elevator pitch; that sort of thing is for funding-seeking entrepreneurs descending a painful parallel after their 4th VC rejection meeting.C’est la vie.There I was – riding the slowest elevator down from the 46th floor of the Palazzo when a Microsoft employee spied my badge and asked me, “What does CloudWave do?” It’s not a wake or anything but I am always surprised, though often ...

MEDITECH Expanse & the Network

Published on 10/01/2018 by Joe Kelly
Category: Blog, Healthcare IT, Networks, MEDITECH

One of the things I do as a consultant is review our customers’ physical infrastructure and help them prepare for change – moving workloads to the cloud, refreshing on-premises technology, implementing or migrating to a new MEDITECH platform.  While working with our customers, I’ve had several conversations lately centered around a common theme:  Is it necessary to perform a comprehensive network assessment when preparing for a migration to MEDITECH Expanse? It’s an interesting question.Expanse changes ...

If It Ain’t Broke…Do You Need to Fix It?

Published on 09/05/2018 by Jayson Stokes
Category: Blog, Healthcare IT, Virtualization

You’re probably aware that the End of General Support (EOGS) for vSphere 5.5 and vSAN is September 19, 2018.  What does this mean?  It means that VMware will no longer be providing maintenance updates, security patches, or bug fixes.  Telephone support will no longer be provided, and limited assistance with low priority questions is only available through the self-service portal. If your virtual environment is running well, you might be inclined to wait ...

Cloud Readiness - What does it mean to you?

Published on 08/07/2018 by Mike Donahue
Category: Blog, Healthcare IT

So, you have made the decision to move towards a cloud-based solution. As I’m sure you learned during the process, cloud doesn’t always mean all workloads running outside of your datacenter. It can mean using the cloud for specific functions:  Disaster Recovery, Archive storage for MEDITECH Scanning and Archiving and PACS, Backup replication and storage, or for hosting specific applications (i.e. MEDITECH, Email, Time Keeping, Physician Dictation, etc.). As you shift to a cloud ...

Cloud TCO: The Soft Costs are the Hardest

Published on 07/16/2018 by Jacob Wheeler
Category: Blog, Healthcare IT, Cloud Computing

When the public cloud was first introduced, it was met with skepticism and mistrust. After all, why would we let someone else keep our data and manage our equipment? I don’t want my patients’ data siting on a server next to an illegal torrent from the Ukraine! Since then, the cloud has really proved its mettle with regard to security and compliance.ParryThe real surge came when organizations could prove a rather profound total cost of ownership for ...